Roofing in New Orleans

New Orleans. Finding a top quality roofing company in the New Orleans area has never been easier. With more than 15 years of roofing experience, Roofcorp USA brings high quality and top customer service to every roofing job. If you are in need of a new Residential or Commercial Roof or need to replace an existing roof. Give Roofcorp a call for your Free Estimate.

Everyone makes mistakes; Yes...even roofers

The real question is how do businesses go about handling the mistakes they've made. One great place to check up on a roofing company is the Better Business Bureau. Any complaints that have been filed against a contractor can be seen on their listing along with whether or not the complaint has been resolved. Ratings are shown for each business listed by being issued a grade from A+ down to F.

Check out our BBB listing and see if this baton rouge roofing contractor is right for you!

Tip for finding a qualified contractor

Check the state's Licensing Board for Contractors to see if your contractor has a valid license.

Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractor's License

Common Roofing Industry Terms

Do you speak roofing? Probably not. When dealing with a professional roofer you may start to hear some terms that just don't come up in normal everyday conversations. This can be frustrating for a consumer who is shopping around for a roofing contractor. The following list will help you to get that new roof or roof repair done correctly and cost effectively.

Roof Slope -The slope of the roof is basically how much the roof slants. The vertical Baton Rouge Roof Slopemeasurement in inches over a horizontal 12". Usually the greater the slope of the roof, the more costly the roof will be due to increased difficulty in laying it down and a slight increase in roofing materials. In the example to the right the slope would be 9-on-12 or 9-in-12

Hips and Ridges
-A hip of a roof is a valley on the roof where two edges meet. A ridge is just the opposite, where two edges of the roof meet and forms a peak. The more hips and ridges a roof has the expensive the roof will be due to increased material cost and the difficulty of laying down the roof.

Flashing - The flashing on a roof is a metal barrier placed between the roof and the shingles to protect the underlying roof from running water.

Add a touch of class to your home

Along with its functional uses, custom designed sheet metal products such as finials and chimney caps can add lots of class to a new home and even spice up an older home. Custom window canopies and awnings along with dormors and vents provide a durable, versatile, elegant, and economical way to have your home stand apart from your neighbors. Give Garcia's custom copper, aluminum and galvanize products a try and you won't regret the results.

Don't take our word for it; Read a testimonial

Dear Mr. Garcia,

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied we were with the job your company did on our roof and repairs related to the roof replacement. It began with the friendly, experienced, and prompt attention of Craig Cupit. He is a great man to work with. He was not satisfied until we were. We will proudly tell everyone about our personal Garcia Roofing experience. Thank you for being committed to quiality. It shows.

Julie Jackson

We made the INC 5000 List...Again!

Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal specializing in roof replacement and new construction roofing is ranked 844 overall and 45 in contruction on the Inc. 5000 list of America's fasting growing private companies. Visit the Inc. 5000 listing for Garcia.

Hurricane Gustav Insurance Claim Deadline Looms

September 1st is the last day to file your insurace claim for hurricane Gustav.

Contact Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal, and we will help you file your Gustav roofing insurance claim before it's TOO LATE. After your claim is filed, we will send an estimator out to access the damage. It is very important that you contact your insurance company to get the financing for a new roof that you deserve. Have your family protected this hurricane season with a strong roof over their head.

At Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal, we've got you covered.

Roofing Insurance Claims FAQ's

When will someone inspect my damage?
The insurance company will contact you to schedule a convenient appointment time. Inform your insurance company that you would like your roofer present, and let your Garcia representative know when your appointment is scheduled.

How can I check the status of my claim?
You can check the status of your claim by contacting your insurance company either via telephone and/or online.

What happens next?
After your damages are evaluated, an insurance adjusted will create an estimate. Your estimate typically spells out what needs to be repaired and/or replaced, as well as what is covered under your policy.

Why is there depreciation shown on the estimate?
Depreciation is typically shown on all estimates for items that are not brand new. Depreciation is a decrease of the item's value due to age, wear, or market conditions. Your estimate may include depreciation for items & materials that are being replaced. However, once the replacement of your covered loss has been completed, you may be able to recover the depreciation amount that was withheld depending on your policy terms, conditions, and exclusions.

What's a deductible? When do I need to pay it and to whom?

A deductible is the portion of a loss covered that you are responsible for under your policy. For example, if your covered claim is for $4,500 and your deductible is $500, your insurer pays $4,000. The settlement check you receive from the insurer will be based on the amount of your covered loss from the estimate minus your deductible and any applicable depreciation. In most cases, you would pay the amount of your deductible directly to your contractor once repairs are completed.

What if my contractor's estimate is different from the insurance estimate?
Garcia's price is based off of the price set by the insurer. If there is a discrepancy, we will contact your claim adjusted to resolve the discrepancy. Your insurer will do what they can to resolve the differences and make any necessary adjustments. These estimate adjustments are possible due to fluctuating costs pertaining to material and/or labor.

If you'd like assistance with your claim visit us the Baton Rouge Roofing Specialists and request a FREE ESTIMATE

Roof Replacement

Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal is a roof replacement specialist in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. Roof replacement is necessary when a majority of shingles on your roof have been compromised and a roof repair would not be sufficient. Contact Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal today at (225) 756-3100 or our website for a FREE ROOFING ESTIMATE!

How do I know if I need a new roof?
Garcia Roofing can help you. One of our estimators will look at your roof for FREE to determine the extent of damage and/or wear. Contact us today and talk to one of our Roofing Specialists.

What brands of shingles do you install?
We, at Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal, install Owens Corning, Atlas, Certainteed, and GAF shingles.

New Construction Roofing

Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal is a roofing contractor in Baton Rouge specializing in new construction, both residential and commercial, in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. Our New Construction department handles a wide range of new roof construction needs from first time home builders to subcontractors. Contact Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal today at (225) 756-3100 or visit our website for a FREE ROOFING ESTIMATE!

In addition to our New Construction roofing services, Garcia
Roofing and Sheet Metal offers a wide range of sheet metal
products including gutters, chimney caps, and scroll work.
Visit our Sheet Metal page here.

The New Construction division at Garcia Roofing and Sheet
Metal installs a variety of shingles, slate, spanish tile, and
metal roofing. In fact, we work with Atlas, Certainteed, GAF, and
Owens Corning. Let one of our New Construction specialists
help you choose the best material for your new roof!

The Future

Garcia plans to expand within the state as well as along Gulf Coast. Internally, Garcia will continue to streamline its operations, ensuring that each customer receives the same high-quality experience they deserve for the best price we can offer.

Along with our thousands of current customers, we want thousands more to happily say,

“Garcia did my roof!”

The Present

Now, over fifteen years later, the Garcia business group is one of the largest roofing contractors in Louisiana, grossing over $18 million with over 150 employees. In addition to great installation service, Garcia offers beautiful, custom fabricated copper awnings, iron scroll work, and other accents that turn a building’s hat into its crown.

Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. is professionally managed by Blackstone Management Group, LLC, a business development and consulting firm in Prairieville. The Garcia Companies are proudly associated with the following:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor
  • Area Chambers of Commerce

As a testament to our professionalism, we are state licensed and insured for both residential and commercial projects.

The Past

Our company embodies the American dream.

Gabriel Garcia came to the United States in 1987 following civil strife in his homeland of El Salvador. With the language barrier and other challenges that face most immigrants, securing employment was difficult, in spite of Gabriel’s work ethic and dedication. In 1992 with a handful of workers, he struck out on his own in Prairieville, Louisiana and grossed $60,000 that year.

By putting his customers first and offering consistent, high-quality installation, Gabriel’s company grew rapidly at 30% per year over the next four years. By 1996 the company was at the point that professional management was needed to administer operations. Over the next succeeding years, product and service offerings were expanded to serve more customers and fulfill more roofing needs. A reroof and sheet metal division were added, and a sister company focusing exclusively on commercial and public contracts was formed.

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, hitting southeast Louisiana hardest of all. For the next two years, the Garcia Companies worked vigorously to help homeowners and businesses repair their homes and return to some sense of normalcy. Even after the cleanup from Katrina was finally finished, business was still higher than pre-Katrina levels - a testament to the companies’ commitment to provide consistent, high-quality service throughout this time.